Keep Calm and Believe in Johnlock.

Hello. My name is Dana, 23, from the Philippines.

This is a personal blog, but you will mostly see Sherlock and Supernatural here.

Occasionally NSFW. Not spoiler-free.

Johnlock is my OTP, but I sail other ships as well (Destiel, Sterek, Rizzles, Marvey, etc.).


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The Really High John to my Overly Attached Sherlock

The Moffat to my Gatiss


Duality Challenge: logic/emotion


Looking through my camera, I took a butt loads of pictures of Martin WEEEHH

including his socks.


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Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard in Fargo

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"because i …"

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Pumps through your veins, can you feel it?


Pumps through your veins, can you feel it?

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freaking news article about the sherlock 4 filming delay almost gave me a heart attack
for 5 solid seconds i thought there won’t be a season 4 at all and my world just…stopped
made me realize how important sherlock is to me
well, as long as it /will/ happen, i don’t care how long we’ll have to wait
okay, maybe i do care, but hey, we’re sherlockians, we’re used to waiting
in the meantime, let’s just consume each other’s fanworks and pretend that everything’s okay


There was that time that I drew John and Sherlock cuddling naked under a blanket wearing bunny and bee slippers respectively. This is what happened before that. [image click-through link is NSFW]


Blankets and Bunny/Bee slippers!