Hello. My name is Dana, 24, from the Philippines.

I make Sherlock Comics.

Personal blog. Occasionally NSFW. Not spoiler-free.

Johnlock is my OTP, but I sail other ships as well (Destiel, Moreid, Sterek, Rizzles, Marvey, etc.).

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The Really High John to my Overly Attached Sherlock

The Moffat to my Gatiss



I don’t have FRIENDS


No, the writers did not pull that name out of thin air but rather from a pastiche biography of Sherlock Holmes by William S. Baring-Gould.

mormor!au: Moran is a lawyer who defends Moriarty in curia.

Such a good doctor, you are.
But when that fails you, what do you do?
Grief looks good on you.


i need you all to stop what you’re doing immediately and look at this beyond perfect commission from shootbadcabbies because i am in love 


In another world, this is how we met.

"Is this yours?"

"Yes, it’s for an experiment."

"An ex—"

"A social experiment."


"The name’s Sherlock Holmes. Address: 221b Baker Street. Come tonight at 7, not a minute late. Ta!"



Legit Johnlock Scenes

Of course they will adore you, John.

anon requested  6 sexy things that Sherlock does