Hello. My name is Dana, 24, from the Philippines.

I make Sherlock Comics.

Personal blog. Occasionally NSFW. Not spoiler-free.

Johnlock is my OTP, but I sail other ships as well (Destiel, Moreid, Sterek, Rizzles, Marvey, etc.).

Answered asks can be found here and the tags here.

My icon is made by the lovely Holli.


The Really High John to my Overly Attached Sherlock

The Moffat to my Gatiss


benlocked said:
Ha I lolled at the tags "#wow look at his face in the last gif #now look at me #fine continue looking at him then" and felt like telling you but then the next post by you was someone telling you your tags are so funny. Now I feel like a copycat. I want to tell you anyway.

Well I’m glad you told me, honey. And thanks for putting up with my crazy. xD

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